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New to DRF Formulator PPs… Adjusted Fractions!

What are they:

Adjusted Fractions show your horse and the race leader at quarter 1, 2, 3 and the final race time, adjusted for the speed of the track! Adjusted Fractions take the official fractions of a race and adjust them based on the speed of the racetrack that day. In the same way that Speed Figures tell you what a final time really means, adjusted fractions tell you what the interior splits of a race really mean.

Adjusted Fractions are for you if you answer “yes” to the following questions:

  • I am the type of horseplayer who refers to speed figures to truly understand horses’ official final times of their races
  • I am the type of horseplayer who uses the internal fractions in horses’ running lines to better assess their previous performances, or to project the dynamics of today’s race

How-to access and turn them on:

By clicking on the Customize menu at the top of your Formulator PPs, you can set your preferences to display the Adjusted Fractions for:

  • The race leader at each point of call (fractions on the left-side of the past performance)
  • The horse’s PPs you are handicapping (fractions on the right-side of the past performance) 

Note: For printing purposes, you choose between either the “Leader/Winner” or “This Horse” option, and your choice will populate underneath the official fractions.

Turn them to:

Edit print settings:

Here’s an example of Adjusted Fractions in action:

Leader at each point of call:

1st quarter

2nd quarter

3rd quarter

Final time

The horse’s PPs you are handicapping at the same points of call

Tip: Adjusted Fractions use the same color-coding as TimeformUS Pace Figures

How TimeformUS makes the Adjusted Fractions:

All of the factors in TimeformUS Pace Figures are used, including:

  • Official Split Times
  • Timing from Video in extreme cases
  • Careful assessment of track speed
  • Run-up for each distance in each race
  • Weight carried by the horse

Then, the fractions for all horses at all tracks are effectively harmonized to a single scale by the TimeformUS Pace Figure team. Questions? Contact us at formulatorhelp@drf.com