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With DRF Formulator PPs, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of DRF Classic PPs + premium features including:

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What's new

> Easier to use

> Faster to navigate between races

> Cleaner look
> Articles, selections, video, notes 

   right above your PPs!

Watch short video & see what's new in DRF PPs!

Access Formulator PPs on your tablet (& desktop!)

Click the "Notes" icon to take & access notes

Make your horse notes; save automatically to cloud

Add your trip notes

Add your card notes

Watch video of most North American races

  • Access via the horse’s running lines
  • View full-screen
  • Standard/head-on views

Video replays

  • Full race details with written recap
  • One-click access via horse's running lines
  • Payouts for all wager
  • Multiple formats including Beyer Speed Figure view

Race charts

  • Print Closer Looks underneath running lines
  • Print your card, trip & horse notes
  • Print your picks above PPs
  • Choose number of running lines, workouts in PDF
  • Print your PPs without ads!

Customized printing

  • Race-related news articles right at the top of your PPs
  • Expert Selections also found at top of your PPs
  • Simply click the News and Analysis tab

News articles and selections

  • Log into your DRF Bets account to watch live race video
  • Always FREE
  • Place a wager directly from your PPs!

Wagering and live video

  • Pace Figures = speed figures for every fraction of a race
  • Quickly understand the totality of a horse’s effort using these best-in-class Pace Figures
  • Color-coded red for hot-paced races and blue for slow-paced races

TimeformUS Pace Figures

Read about TimeformUS Pace Figures HERE
A great tool for handicappers in DRF Formulator PPs

Check out TimeformUS Pace Figures Q&A HERE
with David Aragona & Craig Milkowski

Watch how to use TimeformUS Pace Figures HERE
9 min. youtube video with Craig Milkowski

Watch TimeformUS and DRF handicappers use Pace Figures HERE
47 min. youtube video with Craig Milkowski

More helpful screenshots and tips HERE

Tip: Adjusted Fractions use the same color-coding as TimeformUS Pace Figures

Leader at each point of call:

1st quarter

2nd quarter

3rd quarter

Final time

The horse’s PPs you are handicapping at the same points of call

Adjusted fractions

Learn more about Adjusted Fractions HERE

Customize feature

How customizing your PPs with DRF Formulator can help you handicap:

Filtering your Past Performances

Formulator PPs allow you to view the past performances the way you want to view them. You can merge workouts and notes into your PPs. You can scratch and hide horses, show times in fifths or hundredths, show incremental splits or individual horse times. You can even toggle on and off between Closer Looks and Company Lines!

You can also view lifetime past performances, or choose to see just a set number of previous running lines. Easily adjust the size of the PPs and charts to fit your computer screen.

The screen shot above shows you all the options you have when viewing your Past Performances. A check next to the feature means that you want to utilize that feature. For example, a check next to “Merge Workouts” means you want a horse’s workouts merged into the running lines of his past performances. Below is some more detail on each option:

• Merge Workouts

View workouts interspersed within running lines by checking “Merge Workouts” from the "Customize" button in your Formulator PPs. The workouts are merged in chronological order.

By default, workouts are shown at the bottom of the Past Performance. When workouts are merged with running lines, they appear in green.

By merging workouts, you get a chronological view of a horse’s activity and insight into the trainer’s methodology.

• Closer Looks

You can choose not to view the Closer Look on the PPs page. The Closer Look is the text analysis of each horse. In the newspaper version of the Daily Racing Form, the Closer Look is to the right of the Past Performances. In Formulator, the Closer Look appears at the bottom of each horse’s past performances, under the Trainer Form statistics.

• Company Line

You can choose not to view company lines on the PPs page. The company line is that portion of the running line that shows the first three finishers, weights, and margins

• Show Notes

You can choose to insert your personal notes into your Formulator PPs. Race, Card, and Trip Notes will appear beneath each applicable running line, while Horse Notes will appear below the Trainer Form.

• TimeformUS Pace Figures

DRF is proud to feature the best pace figures available anywhere within Formulator, the TimeformUS Pace figures. Once activated, you will see two new sets of data in the running lines. The first set of figures below the sectional times are for the pace of the entire race; the second set is for the individual horse. Pace figs color coded blue indicate a slower pace while red indicates faster. The pace figures are on the international Timeform scale.

For a complete description of how to use these figures, please visit the TimeformUS.com

• Incremental Splits

By default, Formulator PPs show elapsed times for the horse in the lead. To change the elapsed race time of a running line to incremental splits, click “Incremental Splits” in the View dropdown menu on the Past Performance.

• This Horse

By default, Formulator PPs show times for the horse in the lead and the final time for the winner. To change the race time from the race leaders at each point of call to the horse you are currently viewing, click “This Horse” in the Filter Options section on the Customize Menu.

You can also change this setting in your Profile Settings, under the “Past Performance” and “Pace” tabs.

Choosing running lines to display (available in the "Filters" tab)

You can exclude running lines displayed in Formulator PPs by filtering those conditions that are not interesting to you.

Note:  You can also choose to gray the text that is filtered. For example, if you are most interested in jockeys racing today, but want to see them in the context of all jockeys, you can gray the text for all jockeys other than those racing today. To do so, first select Jockey and then Today’s from the Filters tab. Then select “Gray Filtered Text” from the “View” tab.

Choose any combination of the following:

• Distance to selectively view running lines by Sprint, Route, Today’s Distance, or Today’s Plus

• Surface to selectively view running lines by Turf, Dirt or Synthetic

• Track Conditions to selectively view running lines by Fast/Firm or Off-Track

• Recency to selectively view running lines Within 15 Days, Within 30 Days, Within 45 Days, Within 60 Days, or Within 90 Days

• Medication to selectively view running lines by Today’s Lasix, Bute, or Lasix & Bute

• Early Pace to selectively view running lines by On The Lead (first two calls) or Within Two Lengths (first two calls)

• Jockey to selectively view all jockeys or jockeys racing today

• Trainer to selectively view all trainers or trainers with horses racing today

• Track & Surface to selectively view all tracks or tracks at which races are taking place today

A few things before we dive into filters:

1. By default, no filters are applied within your Formulator PPs.
    This means that all information is visible in the PPs and “All” is selected for each filter item.

2. To begin customizing, simply click the "Customize" button in your Formulator PPs.

     For example, choose a filter to show running lines of races that meet your needs.
     If you choose “Turf” from the “Surface” menu, only those running lines of races run
     on turf are visible to you.

  • Trainer Pattern Tool

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Don't hesitate to ask us anything about our new premium PPs!
Email us at formulatorhelp@drf.com