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With DRF Formulator PPs, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of DRF Classic PPs + premium features including:

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What's new

> Easier to use

> Faster to navigate between races

> Cleaner look
> Articles, selections, video, notes 

   right above your PPs!

Watch short video & see what's new in DRF PPs!

Access Formulator PPs on your tablet (& desktop!)

Click the "Notes" icon to take & access notes

Make your horse notes; save automatically to cloud

Add your trip notes

Add your card notes

Watch video of most North American races

  • Access via the horse’s running lines
  • View full-screen
  • Standard/head-on views

Video replays

  • Full race details with written recap
  • One-click access via horse's running lines
  • Payouts for all wager
  • Multiple formats including Beyer Speed Figure view

Race charts

  • Print Closer Looks underneath running lines
  • Print your card, trip & horse notes
  • Print your picks above PPs
  • Choose number of running lines, workouts in PDF

Customized printing

  • Race-related news articles right at the top of your PPs
  • Expert Selections also found at top of your PPs
  • Simply click the News and Analysis tab

News articles and selections

  • Log into your DRF Bets account to watch live race video
  • Always FREE
  • Place a wager directly from your PPs!

Wagering and live video

  • Pace Figures = speed figures for every fraction of a race
  • Quickly understand the totality of a horse’s effort using these best-in-class Pace Figures
  • Color-coded red for hot-paced races and blue for slow-paced races

TimeformUS Pace Figures

Read about TimeformUS Pace Figures HERE
A great tool for handicappers in DRF Formulator PPs

Check out TimeformUS Pace Figures Q&A HERE
with David Aragona & Craig Milkowski

Watch how to use TimeformUS Pace Figures HERE
9 min. youtube video with Craig Milkowski

Watch TimeformUS and DRF handicappers use Pace Figures HERE
47 min. youtube video with Craig Milkowski

More helpful screenshots and tips HERE

Tip: Adjusted Fractions use the same color-coding as TimeformUS Pace Figures

Leader at each point of call:

1st quarter

2nd quarter

3rd quarter

Final time

The horse’s PPs you are handicapping at the same points of call

Adjusted fractions

Learn more about Adjusted Fractions HERE

  • Trainer Pattern Tool
  • Fully customizable PPs with every filter


Don't hesitate to ask us anything about our new premium PPs!
Email us at formulatorhelp@drf.com